White Linen 2018 Artist Application & Guidelines


Home Bank White Linen Night 2018 in Parc Lafayette, May 17, 2018

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I understand chairs are not provided by coordinators of the Home Bank White Linen Night.
Please note this is a one-day event, May 17, 2018. Minimum age of applicant is 18 and your space must be open for all posted vendor hours 5:00-9pm.
I understand I am required to be at the event in time to be completely setup and ready to do business 1 hour PRIOR to event opening. Set up time is from 9am-4pm. Delivery of large items prior to 10am is strongly encouraged to prevent blocking traffic.
I understand as an Artist I am responsible for my litter - if I pack it in I will pack it out.
I understand items promoting the use of or the selling of illegal or controlled substances will not be allowed.
The Home Bank White Linen Night coordinators and others participating in the sponsorship of the Home Bank Home Bank White Linen Night accept no responsibility for damages or injuries sustained by vendors, their equipment, & works of art. As a condition of, and in consideration of, the acceptance of their entries therein, all vendors shall be deemed to agree and assume all risks of injury to the vendor’s property and person resulting from, caused by, or connected with the conduct and management of the coordinators of the Home Bank White Linen Night and releases all claims which they may have against the Home Bank White Linen Night coordinators and Parc Lafayette or any other participants that take part in the sponsorship of this event. Vendor participation accepted only on these conditions.
I understand if I fail to follow the Policies of the Home Bank White Linen Night, I will not be allowed to sell at this or future Home Bank White Linen Nights.
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