2018 Stipend Guidelines

The individual requesting a stipend must reside in one of the seven parishes served by Autism Society Acadiana (Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry, St. Martin, or Vermilion). Autism Society Acadiana will request the applicant show proof of residency within the designated seven parishes. A utility bill, phone bill, or cable bill showing the parent/legal guardian’s name and address will be accepted.
Stipends will be provided on a first come, first serve basis to active* Autism Society Acadiana members and are limited to the amount in the board approved budget for that category/program each fiscal year.
*An active Autism Society Acadiana member is defined as a member of Autism Society Acadiana who volunteers for the organization with a fundraiser or event sponsored by the organization (For example, Walk For Hope, membership meeting/picnic, Trivia Night, swim party and holiday party), or chapter-sponsored activities or at the office, for a minimum of eight (8) hours total in the previous 12 months from date of stipend request. Volunteer hours will be verified and final decision of stipend request is discretionary.

Autism Society Acadiana Provides the Following Stipends:

I. RECREATIONAL STIPEND: Recreational stipend is for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to participate in a recreational activity. Individual or parent(s) must be an active member of Autism Society Acadiana.

Recreational Stipend Guidelines are as follows:

  • The person with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) applying or the parent(s)/caregiver applying for the stipend must be an active Autism Society Acadiana member.
  • The individual with ASD must have been diagnosed with an ASD by a qualified medical or educational professional (school evaluations are acceptable).
  • There are no age limitations for the individual with an ASD to be considered for a stipend. Both children and adults are eligible.
  • The name and description of the program, along with contact person, mailing address and phone number must be included on the stipend request form. Previously approved programs include, but are not limited to: Camp We Can Do, swimming lessons, art lessons, karate lessons, dance classes and bowling. Activities which are not funded by recreational stipends include, but are not limited to: educational classes, tutoring, continuing education, summer school, therapy, counseling, and daycare/babysitting service.
  • Recreational stipends for the calendar year will be limited to a maximum of $200.00 per individual and limited to two activities/programs per fiscal year (January - December).

Reimbursement Process for Recreational

Stipends will be paid directly to the provider of the approved program.
Stipend request should be submitted at least 2 weeks before deadline to register for requested program.
II. EDUCATIONAL STIPEND: Educational Stipend is for active Autism Society Acadiana members to attend educational conferences or seminars, or to obtain therapeutic equipment or an assistive technology device for the family member(s) on the autism spectrum. Educational stipends will be limited up to $300.00 per family, per calendar year.

Educational Stipend Guidelines are as follows:

The individual making application for the stipend must be an active Autism Society Acadiana member and 18 years or older. The conference or seminar must be approved in advance by the Autism Society Acadiana office. The name and description of the program, along with contact person for hosting organization, mailing address and phone number must be included on the stipend request form.
Reimbursement Process for Conference/Workshop/Seminar
Stipend checks will be made payable to the provider/sponsoring organization and either mailed directly to the provider or organization or mailed to applicant to send in with registration form. Stipend application must be submitted with accompanying documentation regarding conference/workshop/seminar to the Autism Society Acadiana office, via fax, email, or US Postal Mail, well in advance of early registration deadlines. To be reimbursed for payment made for a conference/workshop/seminar, proof of attendance must be submitted prior to event or within 14 days following the event.
Therapeutic Equipment or Assistive Technology Device
The parent or family member, when applying for an educational stipend to offset the expense of a piece of therapeutic equipment or a technology device, will agree to provide documentation from the child’s doctor or therapist stating the child’s name, the name of the equipment/device recommended, and the reason for the recommendation or expected outcome/benefit from the use of the equipment/device.
Reimbursement Process for Therapeutic Equipment or Assistive Technology Device
Reimbursement will be made to applicant upon submission of proof of payment for the equipment/device. A stipend application request for partial/full reimbursement of purchase of equipment or technology device must be made within 30 days of purchase. Receipt of purchase is required. No exceptions. For payment to be made to provider or company for the purchase of the equipment/device, arrangements must be made with our office staff once stipend is approved.
I, have read the recreational/educational stipend guidelines for which I am applying and fully understand the guidelines and attest to the number of volunteer hours I have stated on the stipend request form being submitted to Autism Society Acadiana for review and approval.
Note: The above stated guidelines are provided for general purposes. Autism Society Acadiana does recognize that there occasionally are individual extenuating circumstances. Requests for consideration of special circumstances should be submitted to the Autism Society Acadiana office for Budget Committee to review.