A Walk in Our Shoes: Autism in Acadiana
This is the blog of Autism Society Acadiana. Our goal here is to help bridge the gap between us by fostering a positive online community where we can share education and support.

5/25/2014 3:40:32 PM
The thought of my child, my beautiful 2-year-old baby having something called "autism," a "life-long disability" that was "incurable" ran continuously in an endless loop around and around my brain.
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4/6/2014 3:36:22 PM
If you enjoyed our 2014 Walk for Hope, join us on April 13th for a follow-up informational session to learn more about what we have to offer our community!

2/12/2014 6:58:58 PM
Welcome! This is the 2nd installment of our recently launched blog, Autism in Acadiana: A Walk in Our Shoes. We hope to bring you interesting perspectives from various people whose lives are affected by autism spectrum disorders in Acadiana: moms with young children; a mom with an adult daughter, and an individual on the spectrum. We hope to share experiences that can possibly make a difference to others on this same journey. Please leave us your comments. We want to hear what YOU think and let us know about other topics YOU want to hear!
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1/19/2014 1:54:18 PM
The purpose of this autism community blog is to help answer questions, address concerns, or simply be a sounding board when you need one. We aim to provide resources, support, education, and awareness for those whose lives are affected by autism.
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